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WizardOne MH-C9000

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Maha Powerex Charger Review

Rechargeable Battery Review

powerex mh c9000 charger
Powerex MH - C9000 Charger Analyser

titanium rechargeable batteries
Titanium Rechargeable Batteries

eveready rechargeable batteriesEveready Rechargeable Batteries

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Powerex MH-C9000

If you are a professional or hobbyists that consumes alot of AA batteries, you will realise that not all things are created equal. There are major differences between high quality batteries and cheap imports. High quality batteries last longer and give better performance. Cheap batteries don't hold there charge or can get exhausted easily under load.

Batteries can range from 20 cents each for use once dry cells all the way upwards of 10 dollars for rechargeable lithiums. This review and test will look at AA batteries and how the Powerex MH-C9000 can analyze the capacity of the batteries.

Firstly a little about the Powerex MH-C9000 Charger-Anlayzer. The unit was shipped overnight by Wolf Eyes, the unit arrived in new condition with an Australian power adapter. The MH-C9000 is probably the biggest 4 battery charger on the market and comes with a large backlit LCD screen. The MH-C9000 can only charge AA and AAA batteries.

Powerex MH-C9000 has 5 charging modes.

MH-C900 Charge mode can charge a battery from 200 ma to 2000 ma in 100 ma increments. This is perfect for those that want a quick charge or those who want to charge the batteries slowly and extend its life.

MH-C9000 Refresh and analyze mode will charge, discharge and then charge. This allows for the capacity of the battery to be shown at the end. Charging and discharging rates can be programmed.

MH-C9000 Break-In mode is for new batteries or batteries that have been kept in storage for more than 3 months. This method is the most accurate in determining capacity of the batteries.

MH-C9000 Disharge mode allows the batteries to be drained from 100 ma to 1000 ma in 100 ma increments.

MH-C9000 Cycle mode is to discharge and charge a set number of times. This can be used as a test mode to ensure batteries are reliable.

Other features of the MH-C9000 are four independant charging bays so each cell can be set individually. Large backlit LCD screenm stand and also optional car charging unit.


The batteries tested are both new and old cells ranging from 300 MA AAA to 2500 MA claimed generic batteries from ebay.

First test:

Brand: Titanium (not sure)
Model: Powpower
Capacity: 2300 mAh 1.2 volts
Price: $2 each
Test Results: using the refresh-analyze form MH-C9000 the four batteries returned in mAh capacities of

Battery 1: 1889
Battery 2: 1998
Battery 3: 2030
Battery 4: 1815

These batteries are about 4 years old so not a bad result. 82% - 88% of claimed capacity.

Second test:

Brand: Eveready
Model: Rechargeable Super Heavy Duty
Capacity: 600 mAh 1.25 volts
Price: $5 each approximately
Test Results: using the refresh-analyze form MH-C9000 the two batteries returned in mAh capacities of

Battery 1: 576
Battery 2: 536

These batteries are about 14 years old and still have useable capacity left in them. 89% - 96% of claimed capacity.