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FinePix S1000fd

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Fuji Digital Cameras

Say Fuji. this company is best known for making tradional film products - including film, paper, printing products and disposable cameras. Since digital cameras have come to age the old methods of photo taking also died down. Fujifilm has transformed its business and make good compact cameras but really haven't taken off as a popular brand due to its bland looks and proprietry memory cards (XD).

Latest Deals on Fuji Digital Cameras

Camera Model: FujiFilm Z30FD
FujiFilm Z30FD Features: Li-ion battery comes in pink or violet, a perfect gift for mothers day.
FujiFilm Z30FD Sensor: 10 megapixel
FujiFilm Z30FD Zoom: 3x optical
FujiFilm Z30FD LCD Screen: 2.7 inch
FujiFilm Z30FD Price: $279.00
FujiFilm Z30FD Purchased At: Target
FujiFilm Z30FD Is Available: 1 May 2009
FujiFilm Z30FD Bonus: 2GB SD card

Camera Model: FujiFilm S1000FD
FujiFilm S1000FD Features: image stabilisation
FujiFilm S1000FD Sensor: 10 megapixel
FujiFilm S1000FD Zoom: 12x optical zoom
FujiFilm S1000FD LCD Screen: N/A
FujiFilm S1000FD Price: $379.00
FujiFilm S1000FD Purchased At: Target
FujiFilm S1000FD Is Available: 26/02/09

Camera Model: FujiFilm Finepix Z20fd
FujiFilm Finepix Z20fd Features: face detection and red eye removal
FujiFilm Finepix Z20fd Sensor: 10 megapizel
FujiFilm Finepix Z20fd Zoom: 3x optical zoom
FujiFilm Finepix Z20fd LCD Screen: 2.5 inch LCD
FujiFilm Finepix Z20fd Price: $243.00
FujiFilm Finepix Z20fd Purchased At: Officeworks
FujiFilm Finepix Z20fd Is Available: 22/09/2008

Camera Model: FujiFilm Finepix 1000fd
FujiFilm Finepix 1000fd Features: panorama shooting mode
FujiFilm Finepix 1000fd Sensor: 10 megapizel
FujiFilm Finepix 1000fd Zoom: 12x optical zoom
FujiFilm Finepix 1000fd LCD Screen: 2.7 inch screen
FujiFilm Finepix 1000fd Price: $295.00
FujiFilm Finepix 1000fd Purchased At: Officeworks
FujiFilm Finepix 1000fd Is Available: 25/09/2008

Camera: FujiFilm Digital Camera J50
Valid Until Date: 30th April 2008
Features: 8.2 megapixel, 5x optical zoom, Lithium battery, 2.5 inch screen
Price: $249.00
Where To Buy: The Good Guys

Camera: FujiFilm Digital Camera JIO
Valid Until Date: 2nd April 2008
Features: 8.2 megapixel, 3x optical zoom, li-ion battery
Price: $179.00
Where To Buy: Target

Camera: FujiFilm Finepix S5800 Digital Zoom
Valid Until Date: 29th February 2008
Features: 8 megapixel, 10x optical zoom, 2.5 inch LCD Screen, Macro mode, 38-380 mm equivalent in 35mm, ISO 1600 high sensitivity, accepts XD and SD cards.
Price: $369.95
Where To Buy: Teds Cameras

Camera: FujiFilm Finepix F47FD Compact Digital
Valid Until Date: 3rd February 2008
Features: 9 Megapixel siper ccd sensor, 2.5 inch LCD Screen, 3x optical zoom, face detection technology, picture stabilisation, 2000 ISO, lithium battery and charger, movie mode with sound.
Price: $299.95
Where To Buy: Teds Cameras

Camera: Fujifilm A820 Digital Camera
Valid Until Date: 3rd January 2008
Features: 8.3 Megapixel, 4x optical zoom, Suoer CCD.
Price: $169
Where To Buy: Target

Camera: Fujifilm Finepix F480
Valid Until Date: 24th December 2007
Features: 2.7 Inch LCD screen, 8 megapixel, 4x optical zoom, 28mm wide-angle zoom, high sensitivity ISO 800, lithium battery and charger, picture stabilisation mode.
Price: $249.95
Where To Buy: Teds Cameras

Camera: Fuji Finepix J10
Valid Until Date: 4th August 2008
Features: 8.2 MP, 2.5 inch screen, 3x zoom. Slips effortlessy into your purse or pocket to go anywhere. The 8.2 megapixel camera provides sharp, clear and vivid pictures that are perfect for large format display or printing
Price: $74
Where To Buy: Dick Smiths

Camera: Fuji Slimline Z5FD
Valid Until Date: 22nd March 2008
Features: 2.5 inch LCD screen, face detection, picture stabilisation, li-ion rechargeable battery, xd compatible, easy upload to your blog without editiong and resizing
Price: $188
Where To Buy: Big W

Camera: Fujifilm Finepix S5700
Product Code: XG3218
Valid Until Date: 9th January 2008
Features: The ultra zoom camera that makes everyone a great photographer. Auto/manual modes, super macro mode and SD and xD card compatible.
Price: $288
Where To Buy: Dick Smith Electronics